• Basics


    If you need a quick introduction to Wales, start here. We’ve got 750 miles of coastline. Beautiful countryside. Spectacular food and drink. 641 castles. And 2 languages.

    Start exploring here.

  • History

    Cardiff Castle

    You can almost feel the past around you in today’s Wales: standing over a Roman amphitheatre, wandering among castle ruins in a sunny meadow or observing the stillness of a dark mine miles underground.

    Find out more.

  • Language


    Everyone speaks English in Wales. But you’ll also hear and see Welsh, one of Europe’s oldest and most lyrical languages.  Today, it’s a first language for many, and all children learn it at school.

    Try your hand at some easy Welsh phrases.

  • Myths & Legends


    We like a good story in Wales. You'll hear tales of King Arthur and Merlin the Magician, of kingdoms lost beneath the sea and battles between dragons, of haunted castles and knightly deeds.

    Start exploring Welsh myths & legends.

  • Music


    Whether we can sing or not we’ll certainly give it a try. And that’s perhaps why Wales is referred to as The Land of Song.
    In school we’re encouraged to sing and to compete in the eisteddfodau - cultural competitions held across Wales involving singing, dancing, reciting, acting and more.  Read more...

  • Sport


    The Millennium Stadium has seen more than its fair share of nail-biting soccer games.  And there's golf, with Wales boasting some of the best golf in Britain and Europe and the Ryder Cup due to be played here in 2010. Oh, yes, and then there's rugby - traditional national game of Wales.  Read more...

  • Literature


    The Welsh are known as a people of letters for good reason: we have a lot of poetry for such a small country!

    Dylan Thomas is probably our most famous writer, with Roald Dahl not far behind. But the tradition goes back to our lyrical 6th-century epic poetry -
    written in Welsh, of course! 

  • Geography


    For a small country we have a varied and dramatic landscape. It is only 170 miles from north to south and 60 miles east to west.
    There are nearly three million of us living here. The main population and industrial areas are in south Wales, where you’ll find Cardiff, our capital city.  Read more...

  • Food

    Welsh Honey

    The secret is out! Welsh cooking has recently undergone a transformation, and our local leeks, cheeses, seafood, and meats are being brought out of the shadows and combined in new and exciting ways. The "True Taste" movement to promote locally grown food means that your dish will be bursting with freshness and flavor. Read more...